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Textbook Policy
All textbooks furnished free of charge to pupils shall remain the property of the state or local school system, as the case may be, and when distributed to pupils shall be retained for normal use only during the period they are engaged in a course of study for which the textbooks are selected. At the completion of each course, such textbooks shall be returned as directed. A receipt shall be required from each pupil, parent or guardian upon issuance of textbooks. This receipt shall be retained until the return of all textbooks. Parents or guardian shall be liable for any loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that damage which would result from the normal use of such textbooks. In computing the loss or damage of a textbook which has been in use for a year or more, the basis of computation shall be variable of fifty to seventy-five percent of the original cost of the book to the state. If such parent, guardian, or person having custody of such student to whom the textbook was issued failed to pay such assessed damaged with in 30 days after notification such student shall not be entitled to further use of such textbooks until remittance of the amount of loss or damage shall be made. All remittances shall be deposited to the credit of the city or county textbook fund and may be used for repair, maintenance, and replacement of textbooks. The respective county and city boards may waive the payment provided herein if their judgment the respective parent or guardian is not financially able to make such payment, provided, however, the local system shall contribute from local funds a sum equal to the amount so waived.

Ref: State Textbook Law

Alabama College & Career-Ready Standards (CCRS)

over 2 years ago

Textbook Adoption Cycle

Textbook Adoption Schedule
State Yr of Adoption  Subject(s)Local Year of Adoption
2012English Language Arts2013
2013Social Studies2014
Driver and Traffic Safety
2015Arts Education (Dance, Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts),
Languages Other Than English – Foreign Languages
2016Career and Technical Education,
Technology Education
Health Education
Physical Education
2018English Language Arts2019