Located in rural, east central Alabama, Clay County Schools serves approximately 2100 students within its four schools: Ashland Elementary, Lineville Elementary, Central Junior High School of Clay County, and Central High School of Clay County. It's the home of the Volunteers, and we all embody that name proudly!

Our newest campus, located at 1 Bob Riley Drive in Lineville, houses both CJHSCC and CHSCC and is equipped with the latest technology infrastructure available to maintain its 21st Century Classrooms. In addition, Central High School boasts approved and certified college and career pathways, as well as hybrid programs. Students who attend Clay Central may choose from Engineering, Welding, Family/Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, dual enrollment classes that count toward college credit and grant your student the online class experiences that he or she will need if college is a post-school outcome, and more as their elective courses or career pathway courses. With the addition of an approved waiver, students may also elect to complete their coursework online through ACCESS and potentially graduate early. At Clay Central nothing is impossible if a positive attitude is probable because only the student can deter his or her success.

Ashland Elementary School and Lineville Elementary School both implement research-based curricula and have staunchly supportive Response to Instruction (RtI) platforms in place to support the needs of all students. Both schools are helmed by veteran principals who love their faculty and students and set the standard for empathy and rigor at their campuses. All elementary classrooms are equipped with 21st Century Equipment to include items such as overhead projectors and screens, interactive boards or pads, digital document cameras, etc.

However, infrastructural improvements are occurring within other departments as well. All Clay County School locations including Central Office and Clay County Transportation Department are connected by 1 GB fiber network. Centralized software including INOW for student management and parental access, transportation software Fleetrunner, Atriuum for library media management, SchoolCast for emergency staff and student notification. Accelerated Reader, STAR , Odysseyware, Global Scholar and CLASSWORKS software packages are used for curriculum integration. Directors work diligently to support the needs of all through the distribution appropriate distribution of federal, state, and local monies. We may be small, but we do more with what we have than most could because we optimize our efforts!

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