Board Meeting

Clay County Board of Education will have the next regular monthly meeting on December 14, 2023 at 5:00 P.M. in the boardroom.

Clay County School System Mission Statement

The mission of the Clay County Schools is to provide an educational program that meets the needs of all students. This can be accomplished through the recognition of individual differences, socioeconomic conditions, expectations of parents, and an understanding of the school system's financial ability.


4 days ago

All Clay County Schools have been inspected by an EPA-approved asbestos inspector and maintain a management plan file in the school office as required under the AHERA regualtions. The file is available to any parent to view. Most of our asbestos containing materials are in the form of floor tiles and are non-friable. Although we do have some friable (able to crumble with hand pressure) suspect asbestos in our facilities, these materials are well maintained and are not accessible to the students. The law requires that we make this notice to all employees, students, and staff annually.  We are glad to provide a healthy atmosphere for students and staff.    Clay County Board of Education


4 days ago

Notice of Destruction of Special Education Records

Attention Parents/Guardians, Former Students, Eligible (Adult) Students:

Special Education records collected by Clay County Schools, which relate to the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or the provision of Special Education in the district must be maintained under state and federal laws for a period of five years after the Special Education Services have ended for the student. Special education services end when the student no longer is eligible for services, graduates, completes his or her educational program at age 21, or moves from the district. 

This notification is to inform parents/guardians and former students of Clay County Schools of the intent to destroy the Special Education, Gifted & Talented, and School Psychometric/Psychologist records of students who are no longer receiving Special Education services from 2016 and prior. The records will be destroyed in accordance with state law unless the parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student notifies Scarlet Thomas, Special Education Coordinator or Terri Grogan, Special Education Specialist at 256-396-1475 or by email at or before July 24, 2023.