The Clay County School System consists of three school sites, central office and bus shop interconnected by a 1 GB fiber backbone wide area network with Cisco switches providing connectivity to the Internet and the Alabama State Department of Education.

The network is protected by a external firewall provided by our ISP and an internal Cisco PIX firewall. All classrooms are connected to the core network via Cisco switches distributed through out the schools local area networks.

All schools have wireless Cisco routers installed to provide coverage throughout their campuses.

Clay County Schools presently maintain over 1000 workstations and laptops for students, teachers and student use. We have 16 servers providing network management, applications, databases, websites, and e-mail.

The Clay County School System has a joint partnership with the Clay County Hospital offering classes in Health Sciences and Child Care Development where a computer lab is maintained for students.

Software integrated into the curriculum include Plato, Classworks, Reading Coach, Accelerated Reader, Star Math and Microsoft Essentials. Software used for management of data include INOW - student management, McAlear Accounting, Video InSight, MealTracker, Fleetrunner- transportation and Spiceworks.

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Member of ALET since 2016

Chief Technology Officer certification 2017


Certified in 2019 

By Brad Strother

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

3 years ago

1.  How do I request computer maintenance work order?

Submit an email to the Technology Coordinator with details of the technology problem/request. Work orders via email are printed and prioritized by the date received and/or urgency. Technology emergencies, (servers down, loss of Internet connectivity, etc.), are handled as priorities.

2.  Workstation shuts down due to a thermal event error.

You should send a email to your principal, to include your serial number or service tag number of your workstation. This error message is due to a fan not working properly and will need to be replaced. Continuing to use the workstation could cause damage to the motherboard.

3.  How do I check my school e-mail account?

Open your Internet browser. Go to http://mail.google.com. Your user name is your last name, first initial with the ending of @clayk12.org. If you have forgotten your password, you must contact the Technology Coordinator at the Central Office to reset the password with a temporary one. After logging on with the temporary password, you will be required to change it.

4.  Can I access my school e-mail from home?

Yes- go to http://mail.google.com. Use your username and password given to you at school.

5.  I can't access INOW/Chalkable.

Use the following link: Clay County Chalkable Access

6.  My workstation cannot access the Internet, but others within my building can.

Check the back of the computer, where the patch cable is connected to make sure there is a green light. If there is no green light, the problem is with the network connection (possible network card or cable), contact your Technology Coordinator via email with your school and room location. If the light is green the problem is with the setup of the computer, contact your Technology Coordinator via email for assistance.

7.  Printer will not print

1. Check that printer is connected to the computer and electrical outlet. 2. Go to start, setting, printers and faxes, check to verify if printer has errors or is not connecting. Send an email to the Technology Coordinator with your school and room location.

8.  Standard Procedure with lockups for workstations

Reboot your computer first. If it continues, send an email to the Technology Coordinator. Please include your school and room location.

9.  My computer is running like a TURTLE! HELP!

Close and all Reboot your computer first. If it continues, send an email to the Technology Coordinator. Please include your school and room location.

10.  My monitor doesn't work, it is a black screen.

Try another working monitor. If it works, then you know the monitor is bad. If this does not work, then your video card is bad. Send an email to the Technology Coordinator along with details of what you tried. Please include your school and room location.

11.  My monitor/Elmo/Hovercam won't connect to my projector.

Close all open programs. Right-click an empty area on your desktop, and then click Screen Resolution. Click the Multiple Displays drop-down list, and then select Extend These Displays or Duplicate These Displays.

12.  My ChromeBook won't connect to the Internet

Select the date and time in the bottom right corner. Change the date and time to the current date and time. The login screen should then appear.